We organize hardcore trail running training camps in wild places. Rough mountains, epic routes, lots of elevation gain, that’s what we shoot for. We want to bring you there and remove the hassle of organizing such a trip yourself. We’ll plan the best routes, find the comfiest places to stay and make sure you get the healthiest foods in your body. Best part? You get to share the experience with a bunch of other people who are there for the same reasons.


KOOMO started as a group of friends who shared a stoke for running in the mountains. A few years down the line, we want to keep spreading that stoke and continue to bring people together on epic adventures in the mountains.


Håkafot, Sweden

A unique trail running experience in Sweden’s northern Jämtland province. If you are into wild places, this destination is for you. Our base will be Håkafot, where we will set up camp in a cabin next to a lake, tucked away in a forest far far away from civilization.

A vast network of trails and various peaks surround our base, and will give us a multitude of options for trail running each day. With pristine untouched nature surrounding us, it will feel like we are in true wilderness (because we will be!). A wild destination for adventurous trail runners.

Don’t come if you are afraid of bears, moose or reindeer.

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Chamonix, France

The Mecca of trail running, this is where it all started. Lying at the foot of the Mont-Blanc massif, this town boasts an incredible amount of mountaineering history. It doesn’t matter which other part of the Alps you’re taking as a reference, the mountains are just a little bit bigger here.

An incredible network of well-maintained trails makes for a huge trail running playground and gives us too many options to even fathom. High altitude, extremely technical ascents/descents, lots of vert.. That’s exactly what you’re getting into when you come to Chamonix. Flat doesn’t exist here, steep is the norm. Want to train seriously? Come here.


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Samos, Greece

The island of Samos lies in the beautiful Aegean sea at only 2km off the Turkish coast. With its mountainous terrain, an extensive network of hiking trails and a favourable climate year-round, Samos is a true paradise for mountain trail running.

Whether you’re looking for long steep ascents with lots of elevation gain (1500m D+), quad-busting technical descents over rocky terrain, smooth single-track trails with beautiful views over the coast or gentle runs through forest roads, you will find it on Samos and we’ll take you along with us!

Besides offering such a vast trail running playground, the island offers great traditional food, beautiful beaches and old mountain villages to explore. All in all, quite the trail running destination!

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