KOOMO started as an idea between two friends who wanted to share their stoke for trail running. After many adventures together, the idea of taking friends and other runners to some of the magical places started to grow slowly. This resulted in the birth of KOOMO, a growing community of runners who are not afraid for the unknown and like to push boundaries. It’s not just about going further, faster or higher, it’s about sharing new experiences and the stoke that comes with it!

Maarten De Raad

Maarten got into trail running somewhere in 2012. It was actually Greg who introduced him to it. Being a surfer and outdoor person with a house at the beach in Scheveningen, it was easy to swop paved roads for sand dunes and dirt tracks. Looking back, in 2009 he was already running trails in Nepal, since that was a lot more fun and challenging than ‘just’ to hike. He spent multiple weeks on Samos to prepare for races in Chamonix, where he holds the community time record for the VerticalKm, Marathon and 80Km race. Always on the lookout for new adventures and people to join, and going back to Nepal is definitely one of them.

Greg O'Callaghan

Greg discovered trail running when he moved to Kenya in 2011. He had always been a passionate surfer but when he moved away from the ocean, trail running became his alternative outlet. He ran his first trail marathon in June of 2012 and his first 100k in October of the same year. His fascination and commitment to the sport grew as he moved to Italy in 2014 and Greece in 2016. All along he trained, prepared and kept learning about the sport, which over the years allowed him to complete various mountain races and ultra’s. Greg loves long technical downhills and exposed ridges. He is also an avid snowboard mountaineer during the winter, using his splitboard to skin up the highest of mountains to chase powder.

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