Håkafot, Sweden

Get ready for a unique trail running experience. Our base for the week will be up in northern Sweden in a place called Håkafot, far far away from any form of civilization.

We’re partnering with the Marmot and Hare lodge, a traditional wooden house tucked away in the woods by the side of a lake. The perfect spot to relax after a day of running! The owners of the lodge are trail-runners themselves and super knowledgeable about the vast number of trails in the area. This training camp will serve as a solid training block in preparation for your upcoming (trail) marathon or ultra, but also as a way to connect and share experiences with like-minded trail runners.

▲▲▲ About Håkafot, Sweden ▲▲▲
Northern Sweden’s province of Jämtland is a unique place for trail running. A vast network of trails and various peaks will give us a multitude of options each day. The nature is pristine, untouched and it will feel like you are in true wilderness (because you will be!). Brown bears, moose and reindeer? They’ll be there with us!

▲▲▲ What do we offer? ▲▲▲
✔ A guided trail running route each day (adapted to group level). We will start slowly on the first day, covering different types of terrain, and finish with bigger training sessions towards the end of the week. Think about 15-20hrs of training and 4000m-6000m D+ in one week (depending on your level of fitness and training goals).

✔ Shared room accommodation in a house where we will all stay, with plenty of inspiring books, good music and outdoor movies to motivate and inspire you even more. The terrace and garden will be a perfect spot to enjoy cozy evenings under the midnight sun.

✔ We will spend one night in a hut as part of a 2-day traverse. Bring a warm sleeping bag and a mat for that night (10°C), as we’ll not be able to provide it for you.

✔ All meals included! Breakfast will be a buffet and we will take turns cooking the other meals in convivial teams fueled with drinks. They will be big healthy meals, nothing less! We will make sure the fridge in the house is well stocked with a variety of healthy vegetarian foods. And of course, fika, the traditional Swedish afternoon snack… Make sure to run fast enough to get back to the house before it’s gone!

✔ Optional yoga / stretching sessions during the course of the week, to restore after training sessions.

✔ Car transportation to the trailheads where some of the runs will start.

▲▲▲ Flights ▲▲▲
You will have to book these yourself, the nearest airport to Håkafot is Östersund Åre airport (OSD). Transfer to/from the lodge can be arranged if we have enough requests to fill up a car.

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