Samos, Greece

Mythical Greece, this is where it all started. The birthplace of modern democracy, and perhaps also of modern-day ultra-distance running? At around 500BC Pheidippides ran from Athens to Sparta in two days (a grueling 240km), to request the Spartans for help in the battle of Marathon against the Persians. Some may argue that if Pheidippides hadn’t been able to cover the distance, the Greeks would have been defeated and democracy might not have flourished.

Take a plunge in ultra-running history and come hit the trails with a small group of trail running dirtbags who get extremely stoked from being outdoors! This 6-day training camp will serve as an extremely solid training block in your training program, in preparation for your upcoming (trail) marathon or ultra. The whole 6 days will be guided by Maarten and Greg, who both have solid marathon and ultra marathon trail experience. Greg lived on Samos from January 2016 until June 2017 and has the local knowledge of the best trails around. Maarten is a Samos ‘frequent-visitor’ in order to train for his trail and mountain running endeavors.

▲▲▲ About Samos ▲▲▲
Samos lies in the beautiful Aegean sea only 2km off the Turkish coast. With its mountainous terrain, an extensive network of hiking trails and a favorable climate year-round, Samos is a true paradise for mountain trail running.

Whether you’re looking for long steep ascents with lots of elevation gain (1500m D+), quad-busting technical descents over rocky terrain, smooth single-track trails with beautiful views over the coast or gentle runs through forest roads, you will find it on Samos and we’ll take you along with us!

Besides offering such a vast trail running playground, the island offers great traditional food, beautiful beaches and old mountain villages to explore.

▲▲▲ What do we offer? ▲▲▲
✔ A guided trail running route each day (from Fri 29 Sep until Wed 4 Oct). We will start slowly on the first day, cover different types of terrain, and finish with bigger training sessions towards the end of the week. Think about 12-20hrs of training and 4000m-8000m D+ in one week (depending on your level of fitness and training goals).

✔ Accommodation in a boutique bed & breakfast hotel (two people per room, if you want a private room let us know). The bed & breakfast has a very nice communal area which we’ll stock with plenty of inspiring (trailrunning) books and movies to motivate and inspire you even more.

✔ All breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We will make sure they are beyond this world exceptional. There will be tons of smoothies, fruits, oats, etc for breakfast, and more traditional (but nonetheless super healthy!) Greek foods for lunch/dinner. You won’t have to worry about being fueled up for our adventures, that’s for sure!

✔ All transport to/from the airport and to the various trailheads on the island.

✔ 3x yoga sessions during the course of the week, to restore after training sessions (optional, €10/session)

✔ Sports massage (optional, €40/hr)

▲▲▲ Price ▲▲▲
400 euros for the week, excluding flights to/from Samos

▲▲▲ Flights ▲▲▲
You will have to book these yourself, transavia offers direct flights from Amsterdam on Thursdays, which is why we are organizing the camp from Thu-Thu. The earlier you book the cheaper the price. If direct flights have become too expensive, check for connections through Athens. Sometimes booking separate tickets xxx-Athens and then Athens-Samos yields good results

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